Internalwhistleblowing system

In the following text, we would like to kindly inform you of CPIPG’s internal whistleblowing system and the relevant channels, through which you can file a complaint to us, should you suspect any illegal or unethical behaviour related to CPIPG’s activities.

Please note that the following text contains only general information about CPIPG’s internal whistleblowing system in English. Should you wish to learn more detailed information about individual local whistleblowing systems, please refer to the country-specific sections of our whistleblowing website.

You may rest assured that each complaint will be dealt with in compliance with the law of jurisdiction, where the company targeted or primarily concerned by the complaint is registered. Should you wish to file a complaint against two or more companies from different countries, it is sufficient to file the complaint only once (as it will be distributed so that it is handled by dedicated teams in each concerned jurisdiction).

It is also possible to file a complaint anonymously. However, it may be beneficial for the proper investigation, if the whistleblower’s identity is known to the persons responsible for dealing with the complaint, especially for obtaining additional information in the course of investigation. Nevertheless, should you still wish to submit an anonymous complaint, please provide us with as much relevant information as possible.

Who can file a complaint?

In general, you can file a complaint if you are:

Nevertheless, the claimants may differ in each country. For details, please see the relevant country-specific sections of our whistleblowing website.

What can you report?

In general, you can report any possible unlawful conduct that occurred, is occurring, or is about to occur at any CPIPG company.

However, the specifics may vary in each country and the scope of complaints may be broader and may include unethical behaviour. Again, please see the relevant country-specific sections of our whistleblowing website for details.

Also, please note that filing a knowingly false report may be an offence under the applicable laws.

How can you file a report?

You can file a complaint in writing via the Ethics line portal.

However, there may be additional ways to file a complaint - please see the respective country-specific sections of our whistleblowing website for details.

You can also (besides CPIPG’s internal whistleblowing system described above) file complaints falling within the scope of the local law on regulating whistleblower protection to the competent local authority listed in the country-specific sections of our whistleblowing website.

Are you protected if you file a complaint?

Under the conditions provided by applicable law, CPIPG provides you and other designated persons protection from retaliation. Retaliation may, for example, mean termination of employment, reduction in pay, coercion, discrimination, or other measures listed in the applicable Whistleblower Protection Act. Your identity (if you decide to share it) and the complaint’s contents are only known to the competent persons bound by confidentiality, even after their employment with CPIPG has ended.