ZIBA Museum of Modern Glass in Prague introduced the first installations

ZIBA Museum of Modern Glass, which will be housed in a magnificent building of the former "Živnostenská banka" in Prague, introduced to the public the first installations of contemporary glass. Under the proposal of foreign authors, Fabio Novembre and Adriana Peach, the installation is created by leading domestic manufacturers of glass. Through the windows to the Na Příkopě Street now shining Big Bang and the assembly of movable mirrors Random beam that enliven this busy street until March 2015. "The two-dimensional installations suggest to public what will entice visitors ZIBA exposure after the opening of the museum in 2016: a unique bringing together world-renowned artists of the current scene and Czech glassmaking tradition. Our first show in windows called Window Gallery is a leading design, philosophical inspiration, and two of the most dynamic Czech glass companies, whose products conquer foreign markets," says Ladislav Pflimpfl, Director of ZIBA.

Installation of Incident Ray by Adrian Peach, a British designer living in Berlin, is the result of the experience of the author in designing the lighting for different surroundings and fascination with the natural behaviour of light and its unpredictability. In its submission, the light becomes substance materialising in time, space and context. Incident Ray was created by BOMMA, which in their production Czech crystal design combines craftsmanship and modern production techniques.

The second installation called Big Bang designed by Italian Fabio Novembre as a representation of the Big Bang theory in the glass. According to this theory, the universe was originally an extremely hot and dense state, which began to rapidly expand. Big Bang is a universe in a state of tension, halfway between implosions and explosions. Technologically demanding installation was created by Czech glass company Lasvit, which specializes in linking traditional glassmaking with innovative technologies. ZIBA Museum of Modern Glass, after its opening in 2016, will offer a unique experiential exhibition presenting contemporary glass as variable fascinating material in connection with the visual arts, design, architecture and advanced technologies. The exhibitions will be completed with the leading brands of glass, glassworks, restaurants, cafes and services to the public.

Adrian Peach is a British product designer and connoisseur of light, which developed a number of lighting products for leading international manufacturers, among others. Artemide, Fontana Arte, Guzzini and Zumtobel. He cooperated with prestigious architectural and design studios (studio Antonio Citterio in Milan, David Chipperfield, London and Berlin). He works as artistic director of the Italian brand Segno specializing in manufacturing lighting products. Designs furniture and interiors, and lectures at art colleges around the world.

Fabio Novembre is an Italian designer and architect famous for its many exceptional implementations of interiors of restaurants, clubs and shops, not only in Italy but also abroad and a series of now-iconic furniture designs for prestigious furniture companies Cappellini, Driade and Flaminia. November is a typical approach by incorporating the story into a pointy design of everyday objects with Italian casualness.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
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