Shopping centre Olympia in Teplice soon to open one of Czech Republic’s biggest entertainment centres

Shopping centre Olympia in Teplice, part of the CPI Property Group portfolio, is to soon open Cirkus Park, offering an extensive world of children’s entertainment. By making the move, Olympia will become the first shopping mall in the Czech Republic to include a classic entertainment centre. Meanwhile, in addition to increasing the fun factor, Olympia is upping the ante when it comes to fashion and food.

It is especially the children who have a lot to look forward to this autumn with shopping centre Olympia in Teplice launching a unique entertainment centre, covering a floor area of almost 3,000 m². In addition to a variety of children’s fun rides, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in Central Europe, the centre will also offer a family restaurant, space for kids’ parties and even a 5D cinema. “The opening of Cirkus Park definitely ranks among our most eagerly awaited events of this year. This children’s world will draw attention not only because of its size but also due to its overall concept. So far, similar entertainment centres only exist in dedicated premises, usually on the outskirts of cities,” said Tomáš Svoboda, Asset Manager at CPI Property Group.

A recent survey, conducted by CPI Property Group in cooperation with Ipsos agency, showed that young families with children aged up to 10 years old make up a quarter of all shoppers who come to Olympia Teplice. Families with children aged 11 to 18 account for another 15 per cent. “Families with children make up a significant proportion of shoppers in our shopping centre and that is one reason why we focus so many of our efforts on the entertainment segment,” added Tomáš Svoboda.

The shift towards a multifunctional centre is fully in step with global trends that no longer perceive shopping malls as places where people merely do their shopping but as places where they come to spend quality time. “Global trends are quite unambiguous in this regard. Shopping centres gradually transform into places where people meet, have fun and spend time. The mall is no longer just a place for shopping,” said Petr Brabec, Head of Asset Management, Shopping Centres, CPI Property Group. “Of course, this reflects in our approach to managing shopping centres in our portfolio. We aim to be the leader in introducing modern trends in the retail segment right across the Czech Republic,” continued Petr Brabec.

The ongoing modernisation of the shopping centre also includes the opening of new retail units. Over the summer holidays, Olympia welcomed a new Baťa outlet laid out according to the footwear retailer’s latest design concept, the globally launched “Red Two” designed by Italian architects. The new shop, with hardly a shoebox in sight, is designed to ensure maximum and best-quality customer care. With Baťa on board, Olympia Teplice now offers the broadest selection of footwear in the region. 


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group