New statistical analysis identifies top 15% of most energy-efficient commercial buildings in the Czech Republic

Climate change poses myriad challenges not only for governments but for businesses around the world. In response, CPI Property Group (CPIPG) has joined forces with EnergySim to produce a statistical analysis that defines the boundary lines for the top 15 per cent of the most energy-efficient commercial buildings in the Czech Republic. The corresponding report can be downloaded here.

“CPIPG has a large portfolio of third-party certified green assets, along with investments in sustainable agriculture and solar energy,” said Tomas Salajka, head of acquisitions and asset management. “Establishing this analysis in the Czech Republic has allowed us to independently confirm that certain of our properties without third-party certification are also top energy performers. This tool will also allow CPIPG to better plan future CAPEX and acquisitions.”

The analysis applied to a pool of buildings selected by the Group in collaboration with EnergySim and the Czech Green Buildings Council (Česká rada pro šetrné budovy) which enable the ranking of buildings in terms of their energy efficiency. It amounts to the first available statistical analysis of this kind. Expressed in percentages, the ranking will be used to determine the top 15 per cent of the most energy-efficient commercial buildings in the Czech Republic.  

CPIPG will also use the research to set corresponding parameters for its future development projects and to define its goals in this area.

“We are aware of the global challenge posed by climate change. Considering the scale and long-term horizon of CPIPG, these issues are close to our heart,” said David Greenbaum, CFO. “Tenants, bond investors, banks and other parties have also repeatedly voiced preferences to work with partners who are focused on these issues, so we treat this seriously.” 

In May 2019 CPIPG published a Green Bond Framework along with a second-party opinion from Sustainalytics. The Sustainalytics opinion has also been recently updated to include considerations of the top 15% ranking for the Czech Republic and is available on CPIPG’s website.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group