Siemens, together with CPI Property Group, is modernising its headquarters in Stodůlky, Prague

  • A state-of-the-art employee work environment
  • New office concepts, common areas, underground car parking and specialised outdoor areas
  • Investments in the upgrade of both buildings leased to Siemens
  • Extension of the lease agreement between Siemens and CPIPG to 2027

Siemens ČR and CPIPG announced that on April 23rd 2018, they signed an agreement to extend the lease and complete a total renovation of City West office buildings in Prague – Stodůlky, where Siemens ČR headquarters have been located since 2010. The contract has been extended until 2027 and will undergo extensive modernisation of offices, common areas, parking spaces and specific outdoor areas. The common goal is to improve and beautify the employee work environment, reflecting Siemens' development needs within its headquarters in the Czech Republic.

The renewal of the contract together with the renovation between Siemens and CPIPG will concern the City West office complex, where CPIPG has owned buildings B2 and B3 since 2010. In total, there will be approximately 24,000 m² of offices, archives and warehouses; there are also 400 parking spaces in two underground garages. Part of this overhaul will include a major improvement in the technological equipment of both buildings. 

For instance, Siemens ČR will install a comprehensive Siemens Building Management Platform called Desigo CC, designed to create a comfortable and secure building environment while ensuring the most energy-efficient building operations. Employees are also expected to be able to park faster and more efficiently thanks to a new parking system, etc.

Quotes on the modernisation project

CEO of Siemens CR, Eduard Palíšek:
"The modernisation of the Siemens headquarters in Prague's Stodůlky, will enable us to offer our employees the best working environment. The newly installed Siemens Desigo CC control system will significantly increase the energy performance of both buildings."

CEO CPI Property Group, Martin Němeček: "Our philosophy is to meet the wishes of our tenants and always offer state-of-the-art office space solutions. In the emerging office of City West, we are building on the synergy of our strong position in the real estate market and the innovative know-how of Siemens. The renovation and upgrade we will undertake will create a first-rate office building equipped with advanced, environmentally friendly technology."


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group