Good Angel foundation gifted CZK 347,500, children’s home receives bags of Christmas presents

CPI Property Group’s support for the Dobrý Anděl (Good Angel) foundation has become something of a tradition. Now, thanks to a digital and interactive New Year's card initiative, which enjoyed the participation of the Group’s clients and business partners, some CZK 347,500 has been raised for Dobrý Anděl. “Our cooperation with the Dobrý Anděl foundation has entered its fourth year and over time it has become a popular Christmas custom for us,” said Zdeněk Havelka, CPI Property Group’s Executive Director, when handing over a symbolic cheque to Šárka Procházková, Executive Director of Dobrý Anděl. “Over the years, we have donated more than a million crowns to the foundation,” added Havelka.

Another emerging tradition is the playful side of the digital New Year's card. Little activities enable the card recipient to expand the donation. Recipients were this year invited to scratch a virtual scratch card to reveal a trio of symbols. Three matching symbols translated into more Czech crowns to be donated by the Group to assist families facing hardship due to illness.

Employees lend a helping hand too

Besides the sum raised for the Dobrý Anděl foundation, financial help and gifts also went to children in the Česká Lípa Children’s Home. During a corporate Christmas party, employees of CPI Property Group collected among themselves almost CZK 14,000 plus three big bags of Christmas presents. “We asked our employees to donate presents for children of all ages. As a result, we collected a really rich selection, from cosmetic products and toothbrushes to a variety of toys, books and night lights too, for example, hair tongs. We were really delighted to see such a response,” said Havelka.

The charity also enthusiastically backed in department stores

Along with their customers, department stores belonging to the CPI Property Group portfolio supported more than 30 children’s homes, retirement homes and other beneficial organisations during the Christmas season. “In many cases, department stores displayed what is generally known as Christmas wish trees. The trees gave customers the chance to contribute towards the purchase of presents that children or senior citizens wished to receive. The department stores then usually turned to fulfil any remaining unmet wishes,” said Petr Brabec, Head of Shopping Centre Asset Management at CPI Property Group. Children, senior citizens and even clients of various shelter facilities received more than a thousand gifts in all. The total value of support, which also included, for example, the planting of trees for Jihlava Zoo, exceeded CZK 700,000.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group