CPIPG moves its offices to Quadrio

CPI Property Group, a real estate and investment group, moved its offices in the last week of July to the new, multipurpose Quadrio complex, which the company also owns. The new headquarters have an area of approximately 4,500 m². "As part of our development strategy, we decided to move to a new and representative facility, and Quadrio was a clear choice for us. The building meets the highest demands on design, the latest technology and an attractive location", explained Zdeněk Havelka, the executive director of CPI Property Group.

Company staff will have offices on one and a half floors, which is an ideal solution from the perspective of internal communication and cooperation among employees. "I trust that we will create a pleasant and inspirational work environment at Quadrio for employees and clients alike", added Havelka. Along with MetLife Europe Limited and MOL, CPI Property Group is one of the largest tenants in the first-class Quadrio complex. Only the top two exclusive floors with stunning views of Prague and a total floor space of 3,800 m² remain to be leased.

Quadrio multifunctional complex, located at a prestigious address with excellent public transport and walking distance, enriched the Prague city centre by the offer of high-standard offices. Thanks to its location and directly above the subway station, to its technical quality and efficiency, as well as the unique panoramic views from the higher floors and its own parking capacity, it has no competition in the historical centre. Quadrio featured top-quality offices that provide tenants with high comfort, modern design and superior service quality and an attractive location right in the heart of the city. Quadrio building significantly participated in the development of new public premises in the central district. This new city square with a café, a restaurant, and greenery will expand the system of pedestrian city zones. Quadrio complex also includes the shopping gallery and the luxurious living in a detached residential building meets the requirements of the contemporary lifestyle of European cities. Quadrio succeeded in many competitions – Awards for the best office project and environmentally friendly building took home from the CIJ Awards, as well as the prestigious prize Developer of the Year 2014. Quadrio succeeded also in the competition Best of Realty in the category of best offices.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group